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Colours play an important role in our life. Colours create an atmosphere, transmit feelings and influence our mood. Welcome to the world of Luxor™ ! A stunning range of solid surfaces in powerful, intense colours that when applied into interiors will not only give it your personal touch but will also reflect your personality, your taste and even your attitude towards life. Explore our range and discover what the power of Luxor™ uni-colours can do to your interiors.

What colour is your life?

Truly colourful with a range of lively, consistent uni-colours to suit any lifestyle. 
Versatile as it provides virtually limitless design freedom. Best suited for exterior facade cladding
Hygienic being non-porous it is impervious to liquid and inhibits microbial growth.
Easy to maintain being highly durable and scratch resistant Luxor™ enables you to enjoy life with fewer worries.
Reliable with Durlax™ 10 years limited product warranty.
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