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Product Info

Every once in a while a revolution is brought about in the world of architecture that permeates every single aspect of its own self. When every stop is pulled, every gap is filled. Where beauty runs not just deep within the skin but is reflected equally from outside. Durlax presents 3 Lam – the world's largest and thinnest slabs. While you may want to call it a slab we call it a wonder in its own right. It's a surface that offers limitless possibilities. It’s bestowed with path-breaking technical characteristics. It’s resistant to impact, abrasion and chemicals. It is also immune to UV rays, frost, fires, mould and mildew. So strong, 3 Lam defies extreme weather conditions and keeps its beauty intact for years to come. More than anything else, it's reduced thickness makes it easy to handle and install, despite it's imposing size. 

3 Lam offers over 50 irresistible decor designs which were unleashed from the minds of some of the world's renowned designers. Versatile and innovative, 3 Lam truly opens up a whole new world of possibilities in the world of architecture, making it ideal for both, the world of exterior cladding and interior designing.. 

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