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Let the first impression be the lasting one.
Hotel reception, pub, restaurants are the most demanding areas where easy maintenance is just as important as an appearance. Highly durable, aesthetically appealing and easy to care for, Luxor™ passes the test with flying colours. Luxor™ exudes unusual warmth and character and is sure to create pleasing and welcoming atmosphere.


What makes Luxor ideal for healthcare industry?
Hygienic and germ-free environment is the prime concern in hospitals and consulting rooms. Being totally non-porous and seamless Luxor™ doesn’t harbour pathogens and thus it inhibits bacterial growth in wall claddings, ceilings and counter surfaces, ensuring infection-free environment. It’s ability to be thermoformed ensures laminar air circulation in the hygienically critical areas such as operation theatre. Luxor™ survives impacts and spillages and keeps its good looks intact for years. Moreover, it’s beautiful, seamless finish and pleasing colours such as Mint Ice, Sky Blue and Vanilla, create soothing and cheerful atmosphere for patients.


Luxor™ solid surfaces for active homes. Lively, colourful and worry-free - Beauty that goes beyond mere looks and stands the test of time. 
Highly practical, impervious to stains and moisture, seamless and malleable, Luxor™ solid surfaces are ideal for any room of the home. What’s more the striking colours of Luxor™ are sure to bring unprecedented elegance to your home.


Let your projects flaunt class.
Luxor™ lively, consistent colours work wonders for commercial areas. Stylish, funky, warm, welcoming – Luxor™ enables you to create an ambience of your choice. Appearance aside, Luxor™ unmatched functionality is truly awe-inspiring. It’s ability to be carved, routed, thermoformed into mouldings and even to be back lighted, provides virtually limitless freedom to the designers. Extremely durable, wear resistant and easy to maintain, Luxor™ goes beyond countertops to give creative dimension to your projects.
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