About Durlax We are one of the contributor for CHANGES in Indian construction Industry. We are in the process to make paradigm shift in Indian Construction Business. We are here to contribute 21st century Growth story by providing latest products and innovative technology in Indian Market
Business Profile
At present there are 41+ brands available in Indian Market. Most of these companies are importing from China with individual brands or manufacturing at local plant where in manufacturing capacity of sheets are 40 sheets to 100 sheets per day.
China captured Indian market by providing the Chinese goods for cheaper price by producing the goods in large quantity.
Some of Chinese goods are not durable and reliable. There are good quality Chinese goods exporting to other countries. If we opt for the Chinese goods then Indian economy will not grow As per our expectation.
We are manufacturing Acrylic Solid Surface Sheets and Modified sheets with latest state of art technology. We have German Vacuumed cast Machine which has 33 meter stainless steel rolling belt with computerised raw material intake and computerised output quality control parameters.
Entire manufacturing process has been patented by German machine manufacturer
Quality Certificates
A brand recognized for top quality and technology