Luxor® Acrylic UV Solid Surface

Welcome to the world of Luxor! A stunning range of solid surfaces in powerful, Intense colours that when applied into interiors will not only give it your personal touch but will also reflect your personally your taste and even your attitude towards lite explore our range and oiscover what the power of Luxor uni-colours cantero your interiors.

LUXOR® Acrylic UV solid surfaces are Lively, colourful and worry-free. LUXOR® one of the Beauty that goes beyond mere looks and stands the test of time. LUXOR® Acrylic UV solid surfaces are ideal for any design application in interior or exterior of the Building, House and Offices. LUXOR® Acrylic UV solid surfaces comes with 10* Years Limited Warranty.

People, Ideas, Inventions. The ability to think outside the box, innovating from matter, without suffering from the constraints of consolidated practices. This is how new paradigms are born: reference models and benchmarks which become a model, offering new solutions.

We started from a profound knowledge of the methods, techniques and products to identify new paths. Knowledge gained in over 18 years of the group, which has always stood out for its ability to innovate production technologies, process, products In solid surface industry.

Durlax was founded in 2010. Our origin is the patent for the production technology for manufacturing solid surface sheets, From here. We began to imagine new and innovative uses for this material, exploiting its potential to the full, both in the conventional fields of application such as architecture and indoor and outdoor.

Today Durlax produces Luxor 100 % Acrylic Premium UV Solid Surface Sheets & Aspiron Modified Solid Surface Sheets used in many applications in traditional and advanced architecture, furnishing and design.

Sectors We Work In

Technical Specifications :

Physical Properties
Density 1.5-1.8 kg/dm2 DIN 52 102
Mass 16 kg/m2
Barcol Hardness 55-70 DIN 68 861
Tensile Strength 25-60 N/mm2 DIN EN ISO 527
Flextural 30-60 N/mm2 EN 310
Modules Elasticity 5000-9000 N/mm2 EN 310
Bail Drop 170-280 N/mm2 DIN ISO 2039
Impact Strength 1.5-6.5 kj/m2 DIN EN ISO 179
Long/thermal Expansion 3.5*10(-5) m/mK DIN 53 752
Water Absorption <0.04 %(mass) DIN 53 495/ASTMD570
Light Fastness Blue scale 5-7
Grey scale 4-5
Fungi and Bacteria No infestation ISO 846 A/C
Caloltic Ca. 10 Mj/kg DIN 51 900
Fire Behaviour B2 DIN EN 13501-1
Chemical Resistant 1B DIN 68 861-1

Product Specifications :

2440mm(L) * 760mm (W)
3660mm(L) * 760mm (W)