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About Durlax

Durlax Top Surface Ltd has been involved in Solid Surface Business for more than 10 Years. Having Established two Popular Brands LUXOR (ACRYLIC UV SOLID SURFACE) & ASPIRON (MODIFIED SOLID SURFACE) with Excellent Satisfaction Rating with our end customer & Channel Partners. Durlax is amongst the worlds very few companies which produces it own Solid Surface in its own State of the Art Continous Casting. Our manufacturing plant is located at Vapi, Gujarat with international quality control parameters.
Durlax Solid Surfaces is the ideal material for commercial, Residential applications because of its beauty, durability, aesthetics, design flexibility, and color choices.
We have annual capacity to produce 200000 Sheets. Our State of the Art Facility is 180 km from Mumbai International Airport in the State Of Gujarat (Vapi).

Acrylic Solid surface is basically artificial customized solid material or we can say a man-made solid material or Stone with durable function and made to fulfill designer application or Modern Furniture,Kitchen,Office,This Acrylic Solid Surface usually composed of acrylic or polyester resins, few marble dust,bauxite, and pigments etc. We would like to offer our product and services when you need one. Ever since our business was established we always had an image of being a dependable and reliable organisation.
It is our commitment that you can depend on us for our international quality products Luxor® as well Aspiron®. Durlax Solid Surfaces can be fabricated and installed in almost any application with invisible seams, making this product truly "solid" in surfacing material. Our products are modern day approach for building long lasting, highly polished and luxurious surfaces.

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